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The Best Place To Buy Wholesale Tote Bags In Los Angeles

Tote bags are multipurpose items that come in very handy at all times. There are just innumerable usages related to these convenient bags. They come in adorable and elegant looks, fascinating colors and in all shapes and sizes, making them a fashion accessory. People carry tote bags as a fashion statement which was first sensationalized by Kate Spade in the 1990’s. Often referred to as carry bags, they are always in demand for various uses which has led to the categorization of these bags such as insulated lunch tote bag, cotton tote bags, canvas tote bags, grocery tote bags etc. Wholesale canvas bags have a big appeal these days, everyone out there wants tote bags with their logo on it. So if you live in or near Los Angeles, Studio D Merchandise is the perfect place for you to buy the tote bag you always wanted. We deal in cotton tote bags wholesale and a whole lot of options for customization for the tote bag of your unique need.

Studio D Merchandise has a staff well versed with the knowledge of custom-made merchandise and will work with you to provide the tote bag as per your need. We offer tote bag wholesale at the cheapest prices in Los Angeles. Having a wide variety of tote bags on offer on our website, you can choose which bag to go with. Depending on the usage of the bag you can choose the material it is made up from.


Cotton tote bags are light and long-lasting. They can be used for various purposes as they are durable. Studio D Merchandise offers cotton tote bags wholesale with bags varying from 6oz to 16oz. The 6oz product having cotton as thick as a pillow to the 16 Oz product able to stand itself with super thick cotton. The durability of the material being measured in ounces as seen. The prices differ from sizes of the bag and if has expandable sides.


Jute is a fibrous material and one of the most affordable natural fibers, being only second to cotton in the amounts produced. It can be woven into coarse threads which is very strong and durable. Being totally environmental friendly it is easily recyclable, unlike plastic. Studio D Merchandise offers Jute tote bags and can print with any custom Pantone PMS color needed.


Canvas tote bags are sturdier than cotton tote bags as they are extensively sewn. The canvas material is durable to more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit and is perfect for any kind of embroideries and detailed logos. Studio D Merchandise offers wholesale canvas bags with different size, insulation, zippers, pockets, shoulder straps and material of manufacture.

There are various other tote bag products on offer which are very much in demand such as the insulated lunch bag, which is used to keep lunch boxes warm. We have the best-insulated lunch tote bags on offer in various sizes, attractive colors, and stylish looks. Grocery tote bags are a hit and are most useful. Being offered by Studio D Merchandise in non-woven polypropylene and laminated materials, you carry heavy weights easily. There are so many models that the list won’t end, you must check out the website on your own to view the diverse range of the tote bags. We can print your desired logo on the product and work with custom Pantone colors. We love to take rush orders as well and deliver within two days. We will work with you and guide you to the most relevant and effective choices.


Well if you have decided that Studio D Merchandise is the place for you if you are in Los Angeles, and you are going to go for wholesale canvas bags or insulated lunch bag or any of the product from our wide variety then we will be giving you a heads up on some of the points while ordering from us:

  • We can print with any custom Pantone PMS color needed.
  • While sharing your customized logo, always keep in mind we accept EPS, PDF, JPEG or AI files. We do multiple color logo as well.
  • You may order any quantity above the minimum quantity requirement for most of our products.
  • The total cost of your order will include the product cost and shipping, if applicable.
  • It takes two weeks for delivery of most products. We will send a delivery date with your PDF product proof.
  • We love rush orders. Many of these products can be ready to ship after two days at no extra charge.
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