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Reasons Personalized Lanyards Make Great Marketing Tools

Effective business marketing can be achieved using a range of approaches. Ideally, they should complement and enhance one another. Advertising with customized and promotional products can be a potent element of this type of marketing campaign. Personalized lanyards or custom lanyards can be a key approach.

Custom logo lanyards are just one example of how these promotional items can be effectively personalized to help with branding your company. You can also create specialized items for new product launches, sales or special events. Lanyards can also be used to effectively delineate groups or departments by wearing ID badges in your workplace.

Some of the most appealing reasons for choosing lanyards as a promotional tool for your company include:

Cost Effective

Our lanyards are well made, durable and cost under a dollar each. They can last for years, which makes them a great making them an excellent investment of your marketing dollars.

Variety of Materials, Widths, and Lengths

You also have your choice of fabrics and weave styles. Some of the options include polyester, nylon, cotton and more. Lanyards are available in coarse or smooth weave and in a variety of widths, from a round cord to a ¾ inch wide strap.

Standard lanyard length is 36 inches, but this can also be customized as needed. A bulldog clip attachment comes standard, but other attachment types and styles are available for different effects.

Color and Design Options

Lanyards can be printed in any color or color combination you wish, although it’s best to be selective and use a minimalist approach in lanyard design decisions. Because of the small design area, it can be all too easy for the visual effect to become too busy or cluttered.

The Perfect Details

The right finishing touches can set your lanyard design apart and help it to make an impact with your desired audience. Details like a buckle or custom stitching can make them eye-catching or even help create a commemorative or collectors’ item.

Enhanced Security

ID badges as part of a company security protocol are an easy way to assign permissions and allow workers to identify themselves. A lanyard allows for the ideal display of ID badges and it can be customized to reflect specific departments or security clearance levels.

Buckle Lanyards

Lanyards can also be created with an added Safety Breakaway Release. Custom break away lanyards can detach at the back. Buckle lanyards allow the user to make the detached portion a key chain.

Badge Reel and Lanyard Combo

One of the latest trends in lanyard design is an added badge reel attachment. This allows for branding on both the lanyard and the badge reel, increasing the impact of your marketing. This configuration offers the display option of a lanyard with the badge facilitating the ability to move items in any direction in arm’s length. The user can readily access their valuables with this configuration.

Factors To Consider When Customizing Your Lanyard Design

To make the most of your custom lanyard design and ensure the greatest impact, consider the following:


Obviously, the purpose or use for the lanyard should be the first and most foundational consideration. Who is your target audience? What is the functional purpose of making the lanyard?

Design Impact

Based on the purpose of the lanyard, what design is ideal? A basic, straightforward design is best for the more functional uses and possibilities of lanyards. A specific promotional campaign can benefit from a more complex and detailed design.


Lanyard width and length is also a key consideration. The more complex your design, the more space will likely be required.


While lanyards are affordable per piece, if you need a high quantity, a complex design or added services such as logo design your total cost could increase. Price out the cost of your ideas before committing to your design or placing the order.

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