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Considerations When Buying Custom Lanyards

Lanyards do more than just display IDs, cards and badges. A quality badge reel and lanyard combo can certainly do just that; however, custom lanyards with company logo art and marketing messages offer a great opportunity to promote your business and brand.

Some Of The Top Reasons To Consider Investing In Custom Lanyards

Eye-Catching and Affordable

Custom branded lanyards are colorful, durable and at under a dollar each, extremely affordable. They are also reusable and can last for years, making them an excellent investment.

Help Enhance Security

Companies concerned about safety and security on the premises can use company logo lanyards allowing staff to display proper credentials. Businesses can create one lanyard design for all workers authorized to be on the premises or different designs for different departments and clearances. You also have the option of adding a Safety Breakaway Release on the back.

Material and Customization Options

There is a wide range of customization categories and potential details that can be added to each lanyard design. Some of the material options include polyester, cotton, nylon, and satin. Using multi-color printing and adding details like a buckle can be added. With the right finishing touches, you can make a special collectible lanyard for an event or anniversary.

Double the Branding

Lanyards with a badge reel attached are a recent trend in lanyard creation. This allows for branding on both the badge reel and the lanyard for twice the impact. Consider a badge reel on the lanyard to double your marketing and branding efforts.

Customizing Your Lanyards

Here are some helpful design tips to enable you to make the most of this marketing tool:

Select your lanyard style based on the message and impact desired. The material comes in several widths from around 3/8 inch to one full inch wide. Consider how much space you need for your desired design and finalize the look with the available space in mind. Keep the selected lanyard size in mind before and during your design process as well as when adding the final details.

Use Simplicity and Minimalism

Some of the most powerful and impactful designs are also the simplest. Think of the Apple logo with a bite out of it, the Google font and the Twitter bird silhouette. These designs are clean, straightforward and easily recognizable, which is especially important when designing for the small space on a lanyard. However, the design should never be dull or plain.

Font Selection

Because of the small design space, choosing the ideal font for your lanyard is one of the most important decisions in the process. Select no more than two fonts to ensure a clean, readable effect. Generally, sans serif fonts are best for a polished look, especially with woven materials like cotton. Select a color scheme between the font and background with high contrast for maximum readability.

Audience and Purpose

Clarify the intent and target group of your lanyard project. Is it for promoting a product, fundraising, authorizing staff or general branding? Will the wearers be staff members, clients, the management or event attendees?

Consider Color Psychology

As you make decisions about color for your lanyard design, think about your message and the impact you’d like it to have. Red inspires excitement, passion, and power. Colors like orange and yellow evoke the warmth and feel like creativity and inspiration. Cool colors such as blue and green evoke seriousness and tranquility. Choose your lanyard color wisely based upon your intended message.

When Creating A Custom Lanyard With Us, Consider The Following:

Lanyard width.

The most popular choice is 3/4″.


For a smooth feel and/or multicolor print, nylon is ideal; however, we have many other choices. Polyester is more affordable for companies and projects on a budget.


Stick with two colors in most cases. Any more than that can become too visually “busy.”


Buckles or badge reel attachments are among our available add-ons. Buckle lanyards are ideal for souvenirs or key rings.

Badge Reel on Lanyard.

A badge reel and lanyard combo combine the simplicity of a lanyard along with the advantages of a badge reel all in one. The lanyard allows for displaying IDs or keys, and the badge reel facilitates moving your items anywhere within arm’s length. You don’t have to remove your lanyard to get to your valuables.

Custom lanyards with company logo and custom branded lanyards can serve a variety of purposes in your organization, from marketing to enhanced security. Contact us today for more information.

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