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10 Best Trade Show Giveaway Ideas For 2019

Giveaways are a great way to get traffic to your booth. Many people go to trade shows specifically to get giveaways! They will also leave their contact information behind in exchange for something they really want. With that in mind, which types of trade show giveaway items are the most popular?

1. Stress Balls

Alleviate some of the stress of the convention by providing some stress balls and other small fidget toys. Stress balls are collectible and many people will keep them at their desk even well after the show. Mental self-care and wellness are big topics this year, so you can show your business cares about well-being.

2. Flashlights And Other Small Tools

There’s something just fun about small tools. Flashlights, bottle openers, and other micro-tools are great giveaways for those who pass by. They can be marked with your company’s name and contact information — and will remind your potential customers of you every time they use them.

3. Trade Show Giveaway Survival Kits

Consider giving your visitors things that they specifically need at a trade show, such as tote bags and hand sanitizer. Eventually, visitors will start seeking you out specifically because they know that you have things they need. Totes are particularly alluring, as they let them store all the giveaways they’re collecting.

4. Lanyards, Totes, And Accessories

Totes, sunglasses, and lanyards are all physical accessories that many people will toss on during a trade show. This provides advertising for your booth as people mill about the trade show floor — and they’re also likely to use these accessories elsewhere. Totes, sunglasses, and lanyards aren’t just fashion accessories: they also have utility.

5. Memo Pads

Physical journals and notepads are coming back. They haven’t been entirely replaced by digital media: in fact, more people are moving towards tactile note taking because it makes it easier for them to concentrate. Provide some journals and notebooks and you can be certain to give them a tool that they’re going to keep using.

6. Drinkware

Hydration is an important part of health. Many people are increasingly moving away from disposable water bottles because they’re bad for the environment. You can get on this trend by giving them a water bottle that they can take with them anywhere… Along with your company’s logo and information attached.

7. Power Banks

A power bank makes it easy for people to stay mobile during events. If you hand out power banks early on in an event, you increase the likelihood of people carrying them throughout. That’s advertising both at the event and afterward. Power banks have become much more affordable to buy in bulk, and there are single-use power banks that are even cheaper.

8. Smartphone Earbuds

Earbuds are always useful. Most people will be tempted to pick up a second pair even if they already have one, and since they’re traveling you increase the likelihood that they’ve forgotten theirs at home. Earbuds come in a lot of brightly colored styles and they can have large logos emblazoned on the side.

9. Cell Phone Wallets

Stick on cell phone wallets are the new craze. Many people don’t want to carry both a wallet and a phone these days and putting a wallet on your phone means you don’t need to track two important things. These wallets will be seen every time someone uses their phone.

10. Discounts On Trade Show Giveaway

You may be surprised to find out how well-received a discount for your own products or services might be. At a trade show, those who are visiting your booth are already interested in your products. Offering a discount can be quite alluring: they’ll feel as though they saved a lot, and your overall costs may be quite low.

Often, having a lot of tiny giveaways is often better than just a handful of larger giveaways. What you’re looking for is reach: you want to get as many people interested as possible. The goal of giveaways is to be fun, so don’t be afraid to take some risks.

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