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10 Ways To Promote Your Business With Custom Pens

Everyone knows that pens are one of the most useful and versatile types of promotional item. But once you have thousands upon thousands of custom pens, what do you do with them? While pens do get everywhere, you need to make sure they get somewhere useful. Here are a few ways you can get the most value possible out of your custom pens.

1. Make Them Collectible

Don’t just create one design. Pens are cheap. You can create multiple designs to get your customers excited about seeing each one. Different quotes, logos, and colors will differentiate new batches of the promotional pen. Show off your pens to your clients as they come in, and they’ll start specifically looking for new pens to get.

2. Create A Trending Hashtag

Encourage your customers to share their pens online with an appropriate hashtag. Social media posts will expand your reach and make your customers feel like they’ve discovered something special. If you have some kind of quirky quote, motto, or design on your pen, many people will be eager to post it to their own social media accounts.

3. Share Them With Local Businesses

Find some local, non-competing businesses and trade merchandise. You can share their promotional items while they share yours. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship; there are many companies that can work together in this way, such as real estate agencies and contracting companies.

4. Hand Them Out To Clients

Don’t just give a pen or two to your clients. Hand them a stack and let them hand them out to their family and friends. Most people are more than willing to take an excessive amount of pens, and they’ll end up somewhere one way or another. You can even mail pens, calendars, and other promotional items directly to clients who haven’t been in.

5. Get Unique Pens

Everyone knows that “clicky top” pens are the best, but there are also some unique pen styles that you can consider to really make yours unique. Consider purchasing glow-in-the-dark pens, holographic pens, or even pens with flashlights in them.

6. Use Them

Apart from giving pens out frequently, use them! Use them when you go out when you sign things at the office, and even at home. The more frequently you use them, the more people around you will see them.

7. Branded Pens

There are many places that need pens. Consider donating pens to your local community charities and schools. These pens are going to make their way into your local community over time, and will likely find themselves in the hands of someone who needs your products or your services. Donating products is also a great way to build a rapport with your community.

8. Offer Personalized Pens

If you have high-value clients, consider offering them personalized pens. This is a great way to show that they’re valued as a customer. The 80/20 rule says that 20% of your clients will likely account for 80% of your sales, and this tends to hold generally true for most industries. As long as you can retain these high-value customers, you can continue to build your business.

9. Bring Them To Events

Naturally, events are the best place for your custom pens. Hand custom pens out at seminars, conferences, and other gatherings, and let them find your audience for you. Make sure your personalized and customized pens are clear about what you do — no one should have to squint at a branded pen to read them.

10. Leave Them Behind

Finally, sometimes it’s just about strategically leaving your pens behind. Leave them at restaurants when you sign checks, in hotels when you stay there, and at offices that you visit. Leaving your pens in strategic places will increase the amount of contact they make with your community. As long as your pens have a clear branded message, they’re likely to reach someone.

With the above strategies, you can make sure that your investment in custom pens and swag doesn’t go to waste. Remember: it isn’t just about having the promotional items, it’s about getting them into the right hands.

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