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15 Tips For Aligning Corporate Swag With Your Marketing Objectives

Surprise! first impressions are still the most valued marketing tool. Selecting promotional items that match a corporate swag involves merging creative advancements with the company’s marketing objectives.

Don’t be shy, publicize the brand, amplify the image, and choose with intent. The whole purpose is to capture the attention of a new prospect, welcome back a previous buyer and award an existing customer.

Select from an assortment of merchandise personalized or tailored for the target audience, industry experts and window shoppers. What better way to boost sales and the company’s brand recognition?

Promote The Brand

Strengthen the corporate brand by capturing the attention of prospects, active customers, and industry competitors. Before selecting the latest profile-raising swag, identify the company’s target audience that aligns with its marketing objectives.

Tell your story – Get personal. Share the dynamics of corporate development, emphasize understanding the customer’s need and highlight the company’s position in the industry.
Promote giveaways aggressively – Focus on customer benefits like quality, performance, exclusive offers, and reward incentive programs.
Note the trends – What brands appeal to the growing population? Why do they stand out?

Entice The Crowd

Choose an industry-specific corporate swag that compliments the audience’s interest. It’s the best approach for optimizing business growth and instigating customer conversions. Offer something they can use now.

Know your target audience – Do the research and find out what triggers the need to buy. The more you know can increase the rate of conversion.
Create the value – Craft a message about what you do and why. Leave your mark (company logo) with a useful giveaway.
Spark some interest with a unique design – Be different. Pick an eye-catching color that represents the company’s personality and reflects its corporate values.

Identify Media Channels

Social media is a vital portal for brand recognition and increased sales. Millennials are the perfect example leading to more successful closures. Armed with global interactions, this market segment is best known for brand loyalty. Get involved with the communication streams and listen to what the customer is saying. Take their leads and watch the sales grow.

Choose your words carefully – Cultural habits play a significant role in securing this market. When a customer is happy, they are more than willing to share the experience.
Design to fit – Offer promotional items tied to referral programs with incentives to increase the number of prospects. Best results come from an inviting message that’s consistent.
Increase conversions – Follow up. Take the time to touch base and find out what a prospect thought about the offer. Besides helping to decide, what better way to say thanks for the business.

Cultivate Niche Markets

Encourage the audience’s engagement. To be effective promotional items need to be valuable to the customer, not necessarily expensive. One approach is to use graphics recognized within the niche. The right picture can make a lasting impression and a new customer.

Develop face to face communications – Acknowledge their challenges, understand their desire, and offer a working solution.
Harvest attention – Put something in their hands that confirms you know exactly what they need.
Appeal to their senses – Time is limited, so energize the senses. Make the promotional pieces visually appealing to create an interest that leads to conversion.

Promotional Launch

Pre-launch promotions set the stage for new business. The goal is to build an early audience interest before the new launch is accessible to the public. Customize the corporate swag to reinforce brand consistency with entertaining, casual, or formal design styles.

Private pre-sale – Offering a pre-sale discount is a great way to thank existing customers.
Special event invitations – Make it a memorable recollection of the company’s name and brand.
Prize giveaways – Different strategies for different customers. Singular branding is everything in modern marketing.
The idea of promotional items is to create marketing campaigns that connect with new prospects and reinforce existing customers. Choose a popular corporate swag and invite the customer to do business.

Compose an intriguing message with trendy graphics to leave a positive brand impression. Keep the messages simple and use words the average person can understand. Remember, competitors are part of the business, each one is vying for a share of the market.

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