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5 Reasons Why Custom PopSockets Make The Best Promotional Item For Your Business

Looking for personalized swag for your business? Consider the advantages of phone swag, such as custom PopSockets. PopSockets fit on the back of most smartphones and smartphone cases, making it easier for people to hold their phones and prop them up. Here are a few reasons why custom PopSockets may be the perfect new swag for your company.

1. PopSockets Are Extremely Useful

Most people get excited when they see PopSockets — because they’re useful. Every time someone gets a new case, they also need to purchase a PopSocket. If they haven’t gotten around to it, getting a free one is something that’s difficult to pass up.

Perhaps more importantly, PopSockets are useful to pretty much every demographic. Teens often use PopSockets to prop up their phone while they watch streaming videos, while older adults may use PopSockets to increase their grip on their phone. Regardless of your company’s target audience, PopSockets will have widespread appeal.

2. People Enjoy Collecting PopSockets

PopSockets are a way for people to customize their phone. If they see a PopSocket that has a fun design, is in their favorite color or otherwise appeals to them, they’re likely to grab it even if they already have one. After all, they know they’ll likely need one when they purchase a new phone or switch cases. That means that your swag will be held onto even if the person doesn’t need it immediately. If it has a really fun design, it may even be shown off to others.

3. PopSockets Are Easy To Customize

A PopSocket is really just a base color and a round sticker. Whether you have a simple logo or you want all new designs, it’s a fast and affordable product to customize. Compare that to something like a calendar, which will be seen just as frequently, but requires a lot more work. You also have options for “upgrading” your PopSockets, with engravings rather than stickers or printed on logos rather than stuck on logos. Either way, it’s going to be cheap.

With as easy as it is to customize PopSockets, you can create and print a number of different designs. Your customers will love seeing the new designs available—and you’ll be able to test out the designs that seem to work best for your marketing strategies.

4. They’ll See Your PopSocket Every Day

The end goal of swag is to make sure that people are aware of your business and that they are frequently reminded about it. A PopSocket is something that someone will see every day as they pick up their phone. It’s not likely to get replaced unless they get a new case, so you have essentially purchased “real estate” in their daily mental space.

With the right design, your PopSocket can not only remind them of your business but also the reasons for contacting your business. At very least, it ensures that your customers remember that you’re there when they do need you—and that they have your contact information handy.

5. Others Will See Your PopSockets

Phones are some of the most socially mobile devices out there. In a single day, an individual may interact with friends, family members, coworkers, and complete strangers. The PopSocket on a phone always faces outward away from a person when the phone is being used. That’s free advertising.

If you can make your PopSockets noticeable, it will draw the eyes of those who are around your customer—which means your marketing penetrates past the people who actually take your swag. And while PopSockets offer relatively small amounts of landscape, there’s still enough landscape to make an impression.

Everyone uses PopSockets these days. Your company could be, too. By printing custom PopSockets, you can start taking advantage of a newly ubiquitous trend while also providing your customers with something of value. The more varied your swag is, the more likely you are to expand your reach—and the more useful your swag is, the less likely it is to be thrown away.

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