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7 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Promotional Product Vendor

Promotional products can be a potent element in a company marketing strategy. These giveaways can be the perfect complement to larger scale digital marketing promotion. Promotional products can also be an ideal stand-alone marketing technique to highlight certain programs or events. They can also be a revenue-generating source for a new or existing business. However, finding the right vendor is key to success in promotional product marketing. The following are seven of the most important qualities and characteristics to look for in a promotional product vendor:

Experienced And Proven

The best promotional items vendor is a company that’s proven, experienced and well-versed in assisting businesses with effective promotional products campaigns. The company should have a high success rate that is reflected in the feedback and testimonials given about the company. Verifying the track record of your promotional products vendor is an important step in finding the right vendor.

Diverse Selection

An abundant product selection helps to guarantee you’ll find the ideal items for your marketing message. Make sure the promotional products vendor you select has a wide variety of items so that they will be able to meet your promotional needs now and in the future. A large, diverse selection can also help inspire you in connecting with new ideas related to promotional product marketing as your company evolves.

Unique Products

There are classic, time-tested giveaways such as refrigerator magnets and pens that are still quite effective; however, there are now more exciting and innovative options available. Some creativity and connecting with the unexpected can help take promotional product marketing to new places.

For example, technology items, helpful tools, and fashion/lifestyle products offer an attention-grabbing alternative to more traditional choices. Make sure the promotional items vendor you select has some unique product choices so that you can set your business marketing efforts apart from ordinary.


Partner with a promotional products company that’s known for getting results with a wide range of businesses and marketing goals. Ask for testimonials and case studies from the vendors you are considering. Find out how their past customers rate their services and performance.

Outstanding, Personalized Customer Service

When checking into your options for personalized product vendors, you should also verify their reputation for customer service. Take notice of how accessible they make themselves in terms of contact options, business hours and personalized service. Insist on more than just salesperson and supplier contact; the promotional product vendor you select should be an active consultant, partner and offer personalized service.

Help With Every Step Of The Creation And Ordering Process

The ideal personalized product vendor will also offer assistance in every phase of the process. If you need a logo or design help, they should provide it or be able to connect you with resources to meet these needs for you. From the planning and concept phases to the design phase and order fulfillment, the best promotional product vendors will be attentive in all areas from designing to completing your order.

Assistance With Online Sales / Store Creation

Many promotional product vendors house their ordering process entirely online. While this has its advantages and conveniences, companies should also provide assistance as needed throughout the ordering process.

A bonus feature is if the promotional products company also offers help with creating an online e-commerce store (if your business requires one.) Ideally, the store can be pre-loaded with the products you order so that you can sell them and generate profits. Selling promotional products online can be in addition to offering the products as marketing giveaways for special events.

Promotional products are an effective and compelling component of your company marketing strategy. Whether you will be offering the products as giveaways or selling them in an online store, the vendor you select as your partner, should be able to assist you in every phase of the process.

Promotional giveaways can be the ideal complement to larger scale digital marketing. They can also be used as a stand-alone marketing technique to highlight certain events or programs. However, finding the right vendor is key to your campaign’s success. Look for these seven characteristics when considering and screening promotional items vendors.

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