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How To Pick The Right Retractable Badge Reel For Your ID Cards

Want to keep your ID cards, badges and other sundries easily accessible? A retractable reel is a convenient way to organize all of your cards and badges, especially when you’re at a busy event like a convention. But you don’t need to settle for a generic reel. Here are a few steps to choosing the right retractable reel and lanyard for your next event.

Durability, Comfort, And Style

Retractable reels can be comfortable, bright, and stylish. In terms of durability and materials, retractable reels come in plastic or metal. While metal reels tend to be more durable and permanent, they can also be substantially more expensive. If you’re looking for volume, plastic reels are usually ideal.

Attached lanyards are available in woven cloth, nylon, and polyester. The difference in these materials is usually fairly cosmetic. The width of the lanyard is also a major factor you may want to consider when customizing your product: broader lanyards are more expensive, but also more eye-catching and comfortable compared to thinner lanyards.

Before you order retractable reels for your business, consider what colors you want to use, how they want to look, and what your ultimate budget is for the purchase. Investing a little more in your retractable reels will add utility to them, making them both more durable and more attractive. If they’re just meant as one-off products to be thrown away after an event, on the other hand, you may not want to invest more than you need to.

Personalized retractable reels generally come with a lanyard, so consider the design you want for the lanyard in addition to the reel itself. If you’re going to be personalizing the lanyard and reel, consider what information you want included in the design.

Get And Compare Samples

You can order samples for retractable reels before you commit to a purchase. If you’re going to be buying reels in bulk or getting custom badge reels, samples will let you determine both the highest quality and the best price. Compare samples of multiple products to determine the differences between lanyard, reel, and style. Colors may look slightly different in person and the feel or texture of the material being used may influence your decision.

Personalized Retractable Reels

Consider personalizing your retractable reels. If you’re using your retractable reels for your employees, this will add credibility and authority to your business. The retractable reel can easily become a part of your employee uniform, clearly marking them to customers. Retractable reels can also be ordered custom depending on event or department. Color coding retractable reels is the easiest way to differentiate different teams or departments from each other.

Ordering Badge Reels In Bulk

Your organization can save money by purchasing retractable reels in bulk. Whether you need them for your entire company or you’re giving them away at an upcoming event, the more you order the less the per unit price will be.

When ordering in bulk, you should receive and approve a proof before committing to the purchase. Badge reels can be customized easily with logos, in addition to customizing the writing on the lanyard itself. Colors on the badge reel can also be customized depending on your company’s colors or the featured colors for the event.

Giving Away Custom Badge Reels

In addition to using them for your employees, custom retractable badge reels can be an excellent giveaway product. Customize your badge reels with your company’s contact information and colors and then give them out to customers. Many people at events need lanyards to keep track of their ID cards, badges, and even keys.

If you have a high-quality retractable reel, you increase the chances that your customers will keep using them. Even if they don’t need a lanyard and reel in the future, many people collect these from events. Some of them even keep them on display.

Compared to ordinary lanyards, retractable reels have a far greater level of utility. A custom retractable reel can distinguish your employees, make an excellent product giveaway, or just be a convenient way for your employees to keep track of their identification. Retractable reels can be customized, purchased separately, or purchased in bulk—and you can start designing yours today.

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