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8 End Fitting Options To Choose From For Your Badge Holders

Once you’ve customized a retractable badge reel and selected your lanyard, you still have an additional step to take. Both retractable badge reels and lanyards will come with an end fitting. Different types of end fitting are more suitable for different uses. Here are a few of the most popular options available:

Vinyl Strap And Clip

A thin, usually transparent loop of the vinyl strap is connected by a snap closure. To add a card simply pull apart the snap and then thread the vinyl strap through the slot in the card. Snap the closure shut and the card will be kept safe. Vinyl straps are the most popular type of end fitting. They’re easy to use, durable, attractive, and affordable. However, they do require that any badges and IDs already have a slot for the vinyl strap.

Plastic Snap Closure

Plastic snap closures are a single, snapping device that locks onto a hole. These are perfect for those who have paper-based documents or thin, paper cards that need to be shown. An advantage to a plastic snap enclosure is that the shape of it will usually keep your badge centered and visible. However, it’s really not feasible for plastic cards or more durable cards, unless they already have a hole punched in them.

Vertical Metal Clip

A metal clip is just a simple metal attachment that slides through the hole or slot of a plastic card. It’s perhaps the most simple of all types of end fitting. It’s cheap and easy to make in bulk.

However, because it’s thin and vertical, the badge or identification card will often slide around or get twisted. Vertical metal clips are the most all-around useful type of fitting if there’s a budget that needs to be followed. There’s also the advantage of it being durable and having few moving parts.

Plastic Clamp Closure

Rather than snapping on, a plastic clamp closure clamps down on a card. Plastic clamp closures are ideal if individuals have badges or IDs that don’t have a hole or a slot in them. However, they can only hold a few cards at a time, and they are not as secure as other types of closure. This is often seen as a “premium” type of closure and it’s frequently used for cards that have technology in them, such as hotel cards that have chips in them.

Metal Clamp Closure

A metal clamp closure is a small, simple metal clip. This clip will attach to one plastic card, whether or not the card has a slot in it. This metal clip is small and convenient, but it may potentially damage a card because it has sharp edges. It can’t hold more than one or two cards at a time and it usually isn’t as secure as other options.

Pin Closure

Rarer than the other types of the end fitting, a pin closure is designed to be pinned to either cloth of fabric. Pin closures are generally used if there are pouches involved: if a credential packet or a plastic pouch has to be connected to a custom retractable reel. Pin closures have the advantage of being able to secure soft items or pouches containing hard items; most of the other types of end fitting can only secure hard badges and IDs.

Key Ring Fitting

A simple key ring fitting can also be used with a retractable badge reel. Key ring fittings have some major advantages: they can be used for numerous different things, they aren’t relegated to just flat IDs, and everyone already knows how to use them. Key ring fittings are among the most secure type of fitting, as an item has to be slid all the way through the key ring when attached.

The major issue with this type of fitting is that it can be difficult to get things on. Plastic cards may become damaged when fed through a key ring and it may take some time to get things off and on.

Are you ready to order your custom badge holders? Once you’ve determined the fitting that’s best for your needs, you’re ready to get a proof and order a sample.

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