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7 Unique & Common Uses For Custom Lanyards

What is it that comes to mind when you think of lanyards? If you are like most people, you will relate a lanyard with some form of employment or event. However, lanyards can serve a ton of different purposes. Check out some of the unique and common uses for custom lanyards.

1. Branded Lanyards Keep Private-Access Events Safe

If you are holding an event in which only invited people are allowed to get in, handing each individual a custom branded lanyard at the door with their pass attached is an easy way to keep the event safe. For instance, if you are holding a charity event with a high-profile celebrity guest, you will need to ensure those invited are the only ones allowed in the building. Custom lanyards will make people out of place easier to spot.

2. Custom Lanyards Keep Traveling Groups Easily Identifiable

Are you traveling with a group to a place like a theme park where there will be a lot of people? Ordering a set of wholesale lanyards for everyone to wear with a certain color or attribute will help you recognize your group among the crowds. Plus, the personalized lanyards can be outfitted with a split ring so travelers can keep their keys close to their body or a bulldog clip to hold their cell phone in a pouch.

3. Personalized Lanyards Work As A Keepsake For Family Events

Your child’s first birthday party, the 25th wedding anniversary celebration, or the huge family reunion are all examples of family events that guests will likely want to remember. Make the occasion even more special by picking up a batch of wholesale lanyards that have been personalized with a relative message. Guests will all feel like they are part of the party and get to take home a special keepsake to remind them of the happy event.

4. Lanyards With Custom Company Logos Are Often Worn By Employees

If you like the idea of employees being easily recognizable, custom lanyards with your company name are good to hand out to employees. These lanyards can be used to hold access badges, ID cards, and other forms of identification that employees should have. If safety is a concern, the lanyards can be outfitted with breakaways, so they pull off with a little force.

5. Nylon Lanyards Hold Gear While In The Outdoors

Lanyards are awesome for folks that love the outdoors because they give people a hands-free way to carry items they need to access regularly. For example, a hiker heading into the woods will need their compass, and a compass can easily be attached to a lanyard with a split ring. Someone who is going out for a fishing trip may want to keep their cell phone in a waterproof case attached to a lanyard even.

6. Branded Lanyards Are An Excellent Promotional Item At Trade Shows

Since lanyards do serve so many different purposes, they are a cool item to give out at trade shows. Simply have your new company name added to the lanyard and every visitor who walks away will have a functional item and a reminder of your product or service. If you are giving away something like a water bottle or tech accessory, the lanyard can be clipped to the item for even more appeal.

7. Gain Political Attraction By Giving Voters Customized Lanyards

Rallying for votes involves a lot of campaigning and speeches, but it can also involve low-key promotional items like customized lanyards. Pick lanyards that match the color of your political designation and have the lanyards printed with your campaign’s message. These small gifts are a nice way to spread your message and garner a little more attraction to your political agenda.

Overall, lanyards can be used for fun or function, and they have reason to show up in all kinds of places. Check out our extensive listing of lanyards at Studio D Merchandise.

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