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Top 7 Best Promotional Products For The Healthcare Industry

The key to building a promotional strategy with promotional marketing products is to find products that fit the unique attributes of your service or company. There is no better way to achieve brand exposure than by handing over industry-related items that individuals can appreciate.

While contractors and cash-advance places may have no problem coming up with a list of promotional items, those in the healthcare industry can sometimes struggle. Check out this list of the best promotional products for the healthcare industry.

1. Branded Reusable Tote Bags

Tote bags are a huge thing in healthcare. Patients may use them to carry their belongings during a visit, pack home their paperwork and prescriptions, or just keep around at home for different purposes. These bags are inexpensive and functional, and a bright brand logo across the front makes them unique to your healthcare business.

2. Mini Tissues Packs With Logos

Tissues are one of those everyday items that people just want to keep on hand, so handing out mini tissue packs at a health event or otherwise is sure to be appreciated. The packages can be branded with customized brand stickers and contact information, and you can get a lot of these little tissue packs for a really affordable cost.

3. Customized Dental Hygiene Kits

Kits are always cool. They give the recipient a collection of promotional items instead of just one thing. They give healthcare business professionals the opportunity to make an impression and give several promotional items out in one box. If your dental practice typically hands out things like toothbrushes and floss, why not make the most of these extras by getting them branded and boxed in a kit to send home with patients.

4. Branded Hot/Cold Packs

Especially popular for the physical therapy industry, hot/cold packs are a necessity for treating all kinds of ailments, so these little treatment tools are highly desirable to have hanging around the house. Work with a good promotional product supplier and you can get hot/cold packs printed with your company information. These items immediately transform into a highly effective marketing tool.

5. Pill Cases With Printed Logos

Pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and home health companies often hand out pill cases. Even these handy little containers for accurate dosing can evolve into a promotional item with a little tweaking. Have your company name printed across the top, and every day, when a potential patient reaches for their meds, they will also be reminded of you.

6. Bandage Dispensers With Promotional Messages

Bandages are an almost instantly recognizable item that can be easily associated with the healthcare industry. Therefore, handing out customized bandage dispensers is almost like second nature for a lot of healthcare providers. The little dispensers are easy to carry, the bandages are always something people need, and the dispensers are easily marked with company information.

7. Custom-Labeled Hand Sanitizer

Busting the germs on the go is made easy with hand sanitizer, so it is an appreciable item in the healthcare industry for sure. If you want to let patients know you care about their well-being and thwarting germs, offer them a bottle of hand sanitizer that has been outfitted with a label boasting company information.
If you have no idea where to start, picking out promotional items that are best suited for your healthcare operation can be a tough thing, so it’s a good idea to seek out professional guidance. Studio D Merchandise knows the ins and outs of promotional products and how they can be paired with the right industries. Reach out to Studio D Merchandise if you would like help finding the best healthcare-related promotional products to use for your branding campaign.

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