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5 Ingenious Ways To Make Promotional Products Effective In The Digital Age

Technology has completely revolutionized the way consumers buy and shop, so things have to change where typical marketing practices are concerned. Promotional products have been a go-to tactic for businesses for a long time to help spread brand awareness, but when the majority of the marketing takes place online and so many people are shopping on the internet, even the practice of offering promotional items must change. Take a look at a few ways to use promotional products in digital age and still make a good impression.

1. Offer Promotional Products As Freebies For Newsletter Sign-Ups

If you’ve built your website but are having problems garnering enough traffic or followers, promotional products may be a good way to help you pick up steam. Order up some freebies and set aside some room in your budget for shipping small freebies. Then offer a free promotional item for those who sign up for your website’s newsletter. You’ll be amazed by how many people are going to find interest in your site simply because they are getting a little something for free.

2. Revamp Promotional Products To Align With Tech-Savvy Consumer Needs

Offering customers something they need is the key to effective promotional product marketing. If you’re handing out notepads when most consumers are using their smartphone to take notes, you’re kind of missing the opportunity. If you’re handing out promo products at a trade show or at your store, go with a tech-related promotional product like a sticky wallet for phones or a branded case with earbuds enclosed.

3. Offer Your Best Customers Promotional Products For Their Loyalty

Customers who get something for free feel appreciated by your token of appreciation. If you have loyal customers that shop on your website often, throw in a free branded promotional item when they place a new order. They will be stoked to get something for nothing, and you will get praise and glory for being a thoughtful business owner.

4. Gain A Following On Social Media With Occasional Giveaways

Social media is everything when it comes to marketing in the digital age. One thing companies struggle with the most is gaining followers on social media channels for their business. An easy way to garner interest in your Facebook page, Twitter profile, or Instagram page is to offer occasional giveaways. Order up some cool swag decked out in your company name and host a giveaway on social media. Requiring shares, retweets, or reposts will get the word out about the giveaway. It will also land you a healthy dose of social media attention, which will prove to be extremely valuable.

5. Build Brand Connection During Trade Show Events

Trade shows will probably never really go out of style or become ineffective for those with a new product or service. Connecting your brand with your intended audience can be as simple as offering branded promotional products when you do your initial trade shows. Something small like an ink pen with your company name or a water bottle with your brand’s logo will gain a lot of exposure. Sending trade show attendees off with these items gives them a small reminder they can have later on when they may need your product or service.
At the end of the day, technology is bound to change some things in all aspects of life. You may have to do a little more thinking to find the right ways to use promotional products to help your business grow in the digital age. This is still a highly effective way to market your company and connect with customers. Check out the promotional products on Studio D Merchandise to get some ideas.

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