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How To Monetize Your Business With Branded Merchandise

Finding out how to monetize your business is every business owner’s first thought. Building your brand image in the minds of those consumers who could eventually need your service or product is one important way to create business sustainability over time. Customers may not need or want your product or service now, but when they do, you want them to be reminded of your brand. Branded merchandise, otherwise known as promotional products, is the easiest way to reinforce your brand image and make an impression that leads to profit, and profit is money. There are, however, a few good rules to follow when using branded merchandise to monetize your business.

1. Only provide merchandise consumers will find valuable

Popular branded merchandise is the stuff that people can actually find a use for in their everyday lives. Promotional products used to be fairly chintzy, but most good business owners have really upped their game and offer some really functional items. A few examples include things like:

In simple terms, there is a general rule here to be followed: the more usable a product is, the more effective it will be at building brand recognition and garnering attention. So you can monetize your business by providing merchandise that consumers will find valuable.

2. Choose branded merchandise that reflects your business

Of course, you could always go with branded merchandise that will garner attention simply because it has your company name on it and is a usable item. However, if you want a double whammy of brand recognition, tie your promotional products back to your company by making sure the pieces actually reflect your business and what it’s all about. For example, water bottles would be an awesome thing for a new company that sells water filtration products, and something like a portable box of bandages or tissues would do well for the healthcare industry.

3. Develop a strategy around your promotional products to Monetize Your Business

Instead of just ordering a bulk quantity of branded merchandise and tossing it out in hopes of it landing in the right hands and bringing money back to you, it is best to use this kind of promotional product as part of a bigger sales strategy. For instance, if you are having problems establishing a foothold in a highly saturated market online, you could use the merchandise as a way to attract newcomers to your website that may otherwise never end up there. The promotional items may not be the only component in a multifaceted marketing plan, but it can be one of the most important. The better built the strategy is around the merchandise you are using, the more effective the end result will be.

4. Keep branded merchandise around for the long term

Some business owners only use branded merchandise when they are just starting out or during pertinent events. However, these inexpensive marketing tools are worth keeping around for the long term. Instead of only using branded merchandise one time, for one marketing strategy, incorporate the items as a mainstay in your marketing plans. People will grow to recognize your business as a place that hands out those cool freebies on occasion, but the more merchandise you pass around, the more your brand image will grow and stick around for the years to come.

Monetizing your business with branded merchandise could drastically change how well customers remember who you are and what you have to offer. Check out some of the wholesale branded merchandise you can get from Studio D Merchandise and reach out to us if you need help with finding the best items for your business.

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