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Running A Fundraiser? These Branded Products Will Make It A Success!

Promotional products are often thought of as something relative to business marketing. However, these branded items do have a place in fundraising efforts just the same. If you are planning an upcoming fundraising event, whether it is for a non-profit organization like a school or church, or for a community organization like a homeless shelter or something else, branded products could be a wise investment. Why would you spend a little money on branded products when your goal is to raise money?

There are a couple of reasons why promotional products can work well as a fundraiser even though they do cost a little money. For one, promotional items can gain recognition for your organization or cause. Secondly, these small and inexpensive items can be a nice way to show your gratitude to people who do donate, and they may even be willing to offer more because they get something in return. Check out some of the branded products that will make your fundraiser a successful endeavor.

Branded Umbrellas

Imagine this scenario: You are hosting an outdoor event, and the rain is starting to fall or the sun is really bright. You have a booth set up where event attendees can purchase an umbrella for protection and the money paid for that umbrella is going to the cause. People are going to be more than happy to pick up an umbrella in these situations. In the process, you are going to be distributing items that spread the word about your organization every time it rains.

Tote or Sport Bags

Tote and sports bags are probably one of the most functional promotional products money can buy. These bags get used to carrying everything from fitness stuff for the gym to groceries from the store, so branded bags with logo will gain you a lot of exposure among the general public in a lot of different places. If you really want people who are interested in your cause to feel appreciated for their tokens of generosity, hand them over a tote bag in exchange for a donation. As an adage, these bags can be filled with informational pamphlets, brochures, and other marketing materials at fundraising events.

Branded Lanyards

Lanyards are an excellent promotional item. They can serve a multitude of functions from holding keys to clipping to ID tags. If you have planned a big fundraising gala or fundraising event, hand these lanyards out at the door for all of the guests. This makes it easy to keep track of guests if you have a limited guest list, but it is also a generous way to make those who do stop in feel appreciated for their time and patronage.

T-Shirts with Fundraising Messages

T-shirts are perhaps one of the most functional pieces of mobile advertising you can imagine, but they do have to be designed in a way that they will actually be worn if you plan to give them away. Most people love the idea of showing the world that they support a good cause, so your primary goal with t-shirts will be to create a message that tells people what your cause is and who you are. You could go with a fun saying or quote to get people thinking and keep your organization’s name a little less conspicuous.

Just picking up a few promotional items for your fundraising event can completely change how much awareness you get out to the public about your organization and how much funding you are able to raise. If you are looking for branded products to use during your fundraiser, check out the extensive listing of products to pick from on Studio D Merchandise.

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