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Getting invited to a baby shower is an exciting time. Someone you know is preparing to have a baby and they want you there for the final celebration before the baby arrives. However, baby shower gifts can be pricey. Don’t fear though, babies need a lot of things, so there will undoubtedly be a gift for everyone’s budgets. 

Before splurging on a gift, work out if there is going to be a gift registry. This will let you know straight away what the mum to expect people to spend on her and what presents she needs for the baby. Once this is decided, evaluate your relationship with the mum to be, working out how well you know her and what you feel comfortable spending. 

Is there a gift registry? 

It’s a smart idea to shop from the baby shower gift registry. If there is one, the mum to be would have painstakingly gone through hundreds of choices to determine what she will need to help raise the baby. 

The gift registry will also give the baby shower attendee a range of options to choose from. The gifts will vary in price and size and are designed so that people choose presents that they are comfortable with giving the mum to be. 

However, if you are late onto the gift registry and only a couple of items remain, you can shop off the registry. Perhaps give the mum to be a gift card to a baby shop or a stuffed animal or baby book. Something personal is better than giving a gift that although is on the registry, you don’t feel comfortable with. 

How well do you know the person? 

Asking yourself, ‘how well do I know this person’ is going to provide some much-needed help when deciding on how much to spend. Co-workers and people you haven’t seen in years fall into the lower spending bracket. Whereas, close friends and family are expected to pitch in for the big-ticket items on the gift registry. 

Co-worker or acquaintance 

If you work with the mum to be, are a distant cousin or haven’t seen each other since high school – this one’s for you. 

$20-25 is a good spending range. The most important thing to remember is- don’t feel guilty. While you know the person, they aren’t your best friend in the world and therefore you aren’t expected to break the bank on a gift. 

While it’s nice to be invited, don’t let that blur the lines for your gift-giving. Your relationship is friendly but not pivotal so you are perfectly within your right to spend anywhere in the $20 range on a gift registry item.

This price range could allow for inflatable bath toys, bottle warmers or mirrors to watch the baby in the car. 

A close friend or cousin 

Whether you’re an old or new friend or simply a cousin, spending $50 is commonplace. This kind of budget allows you to pick out something special without breaking the bank on a present for a child. 

It might be nice to buy a few gifts off the registry that can be used together so that mum can look at the diaper bag and accessories and know that her friend gave her that. 

Gift ideas within this price range include a newborn bottle gift set, a wipe warmer or a nursery image projector. 

Best friend or family 

If your best friend is having a baby, most people will want to splurge. Gifts for your best friend can be anywhere in the $50 to $100 range. Likely you’ve known the mum to be for your entire life, or at least it feels that way. To honor that relationship, spending a little more to acquire a memorable gift from the registry is a special touch.

If the baby is going to be your niece or nephew, godchild or grandchild, you are going to want to spend over $100. The baby is going to be a part of your family and as such, there is an expectation that you’ll buy the big-ticket items like cribs, bouncers and prams. 

Giving a group gift 

There are no rules against group gifts as baby shower presents. If the mum to be has invited a fair few co-workers to the baby shower, they may want to pool their money together to buy a more expensive item off the registry in order to give a more meaningful gift. 

Group gift-giving isn’t just reserved for friends and co-workers, the family can take this path too. Sometimes it’s a better option as getting a big-ticket item from family works better than forsaking a crib or pram in favor of bottles and toys because that’s all that the family could afford. 

At the end of the day, purchasing a baby shower gift and therefore what you spend, is completely up to you. You’re the one giving the gift, so you should feel comfortable when it comes time to hand it over to the mum to be

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