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Nobody expected the COVID19 to spread like wildfire. In the USA alone, there have been 2,063,896 confirmed cases, with over 115,084 dead as of June 1. To prevent further infection of the disease, everyone must observe protocols and use protective measures. By doing this, we not only mitigate the current damage COVID19 has done, but also prevent possible contamination in the future, thus lowering the rate of COVID19 infection rate.

How to wear a face mask

In this kind of situation, the wisest thing to do is to follow the advice of the health professionals. Accordingly, we must instill the necessary protective measures against COVID19. It involves washing your hands regularly, maintaining social distance, avoiding to touch the face, and lastly, practicing respiratory hygiene.

Practicing respiratory hygiene is probably one of the essential things to do. Wearing a face mask is one of the ways to do so. Not only that it does give you a level of protection and reassurance, but it also protects you from incoming diseases! There are different kinds of face masks available for use, such as the cloth face mask, N95 respirator masks, and the surgical mask. The government reserves the last two options for the medical professionals who fight COVID19 directly in the frontline, leaving us the cloth face mask. What are the safety uses of face mask?

Why Use a Face Mask?

It Serves As a PPE

As an ordinary citizen, we must at least use PPE when we go out in public. Face masks help us protect ourselves from the spread of the disease. PPE means Personal Protective Equipment.

It Can Block Droplets of Bodily Fluids

The usage of cloth face mask potentially blocks incoming or outgoing droplets of bodily fluids when encountering someone who sneezes or coughs. That someone maybe you, so it is best to protect others from you as well.

It Provides Germ-Blocking Action

Covering your face is an absolute must when doing chores, such as going to the groceries or buying medicine. Amidst this global pandemic, an adequately made cloth mask is sufficient enough to block germs from your face.

It Adds Another Layer of Protection

The COVID19 pandemic has pushed us to take every necessary precaution to prevent infection. Aside from washing your hands frequently and using alcohol, adding another protective measure to your arsenal will add another level of relief for you.

The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention advised us to use cloth face masks to help slow the spread of the virus. This CDC recommendation confirms that using face masks like cloth face masks protects us from the unseen threat.

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