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Every local government units and authorities want to flatten the COVID19 curve as much as possible. One of the things they can do is implement a face mask rule. Using face masks protects you from fluids like a sneeze, saliva, and breath from carriers around you, but the face mask also protects them from you, just in case you’re asymptomatic. Who knows?

But things are a bit different in the city of Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles face masks regulations are much stricter than any other city-state.

How Strict Is Los Angeles, California When It Comes to Face Masks?

By far, Los Angeles, California, has the most strict face mask implementation in the U.S. All people who will go outside their homes must wear a face mask at all times, except when doing water-related activities.

That includes buying fries in McDonald’s to riding a bike downtown. All people are under the regulation except young children (below two years old) and people with special needs. You don’t need to wear masks when jogging or walking alone, obviously. But keep one in your pocket just in case somebody walks nearby, or if you have to do a quick run to the store to buy something.

The face masks’ strict requirements involve wearing a face covering if you find your self interacting with people who are not your family, whether you are in a public or private setting. This requirement means that before you do any outdoor activity, you must wear a face mask first even if they don’t talk to you and if a random guy wants to walk in front of you!

L.A. face mask regulations are mandatory across all of Los Angeles. As long as you’re in contact with other people aside from your family, whether you are at home or not, you must wear a face mask.

Los Angeles, California, may have been too strict about their rules, but really, who can blame them? As long as COVID19 in the American air, no health safety protocol should get disregarded.

Los Angeles, California COVID19 Updates and Quick News

Last May 20, 2020, there have been 3,334 confirmed COVID19 casualties. Four children positive for COVID19 battle the same respiratory inflammation: a typical case for adults but a rare one for children.

Wherever you are, make sure to follow your local government’s face-covering rules. In a way, you can help out in flattening the curve.

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