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With businesses reopening around the country and wearing a face mask becoming mandatory, companies are now providing branded face mask customized with a company logo.

You have seen these used in restaurants and grocery stores and now you’ll start seeing them at law firms, advertising agencies and accounting firms.

Management has decided that it looks better to have a ‘uniform’ face mask instead of having employees finding their own masks, which may not fit the standard a company wants to establish.

Some companies are giving away logo face masks in bulk to customers to share with their families.

Company branded face masks are now added to the other typical corporate swag such as tote bags, water bottles and USB drives.

Generally the logo is placed discreetly on the side of the mask, but some companies that want to advertise their brand will put it right in front.

It’s important that the branded face mask chosen by management is comfortable and can be worn all day. It should be constructed to fit even a big head.

These face masks are made from stretchy 95/5 cotton/spandex fabric and can be worn all day. The high cotton content is a good choice because it’s cool and breathable.

You can (almost) forget that you have it on. The Spandex is added so that it stretches and conforms to the face, from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin.

A black face mask will go with any outfit! Silkscreen face masks are branded the same way a t-shirt is – and can be washed around 50 times and still look pretty good.

These face masks are made and branded in the USA, and are available here online.

After you upload your logo, we will send a PDF proof for your approval.

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