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Face masks are one of the most prized commodities in 2020. The COVID19 has plagued the world on an unprecedented scale, and everyone needs protection from it. Healthcare workers are required at all costs, to use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This protocol exists to ensure the safety of the frontline heroes. What about us ordinary people, what can we use? Well, we can use PPEs too!

Due to lack of supplies, medical-grade PPEs such as surgical face masks and respirators are running low on reserves. Good thing a lot of people had the idea of selling some on the internet. Even if surgical masks and respirators are for front liners, we can order them online. For the public, recommendations are to use cloth face masks.

If you’re planning to buy face masks online, you should consider buying COVID19 face masks in bulk. Here’s why.

It’s Cheaper to Purchase Face Masks Online in Bulks.

Although you can buy face masks in smaller quantities online, it would be more cost-efficient to bulk-buy face masks. It’s much cheaper to buy in more significant amounts than purchasing a single piece daily. And since most face masks are disposable, it would be wiser to bulk-buy face masks to avoid concurring outdoor involvements. Plus, most online shops offer discounts when you buy in bulks. Capitalize on that!

It’s Nice to Have a Stash of Fresh Face Mask.

Most face masks are disposable. That’s why if you frequent the outside world in this semi-dystopian world, having a stock of your reliable face masks would be wise. That is true for reusable face masks as well, such as cloth face mask. Even if they are washable, it won’t hurt anybody if you have extra ones.

You Can Share Your Stock With Your Friends!

Imagine this: you only have one piece of cloth face mask. You bought this way before the COVID19 fully blasted, and your girlfriend asks if you have one. Would you let her borrow yours? Of course not! That would be unhygienic!

If you already brought some, you must learn how to store them properly. Depending on how the package arrived at you (sealed individually or not), it would be best not to ruin individual packages if you’re not planning on using one anytime soon. If the masks are not individually packaged, you can store them in airtight containers to ensure their freshness until it’s ready for use.

Look online for cheap face masks that are available for bulk-buying. There are too many shops to choose from, so be sure to pick the right cover!

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