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Business activities have restarted after the lockdown due to COVID 19. It is time to be more careful and cautious while visiting public places. CDC has released its advisory on social distancing, hygiene requirements, and wearing masks in public set-ups. Wearing the right type of mask has been identified as one of the most effective measures to prevent or reduce the spread of corona virus.

Local and national administrations are devising various methods to spread awareness about the positive effect of wearing masks. As an entrepreneur, you can also participate in the initiative and can also promote your business by offering custom bulk logo face masks to people.

How can you promote your business by participating in the initiative?

As many states have made it mandatory to wear face masks in public settings, the demand for good quality effective face masks has increased. Many retailers in the apparel sector have shifted their production capabilities to produce face masks. A lot of other industries have started using face masks for their promotional activities. You can also follow the trend and order custom bulk logo face-masks to the apparel manufacturers with your own business logos. You can distribute the face masks to different communities and institutions that require these face masks in bulk quantity. Besides, you can also offer masks to your employees, suppliers, and customers.

How does offering face masks help your business?

Offering face masks can help promote your business in multiple ways. You can print your business logo on the face mask. Besides, you can also print an informative or inspirational message with the logo.

The best part with the masks is that they are at the eye level of the other persons. When so many people will wear masks with your logo imprinted on them, it will definitely enhance the visibility of your brand.

Offering face masks will also enhance your social image among the masses, and the public, at large, will appreciate your noble initiative.

Does buying in bulk help save money when ordering promotional face masks?

Now, once you decide to offer face masks with your business logo, you will require a large number of face masks for the purpose. There are many companies offering custom face masks online.

You have the option to buy smaller quantities of face masks and order multiple times. On the other hand, you can also order custom bulk face masks online to take advantage of the discounts offered by the companies on placing the bulk orders. This will be a more cost-effective option as many online companies are offering very attractive offers on bulk orders.

What are the other benefits of buying face masks in bulk?

Apart from the monetary benefits, buying custom bulk logo face mask, it offers many other benefits, as well.

Ordering in bulk will limit your need to move outside. Second, the face masks are either disposable or semi-disposable, so having them in enough quantity will be helpful for you to distribute them even during the sudden high demand.

Apart from distributing face-masks to the institutions, you can also offer them to your near and dear ones. Many of your close relatives and friends may not come out or can’t buy so many face masks due to compelling reasons. It will be a good gesture from your side to offer them the face masks.

When you are buying face masks in bulk you need to take care of their storage. Check if the face masks you have received have individual packaging. If not, you will have to be extra careful in storing them. You should store them in clean and air-tight containers to maintain their hygiene.

What to look for when buying custom bulk logo face masks?

When buying custom bulk logo face masks, the first and foremost requirement is to make sure that they are in accordance with CDC recommendations. Besides, there are other important features, as well, to look for when shopping for face masks.

  • The face mask should cover the entire face of the users from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin and both sides of the face.
  • Besides, they should be properly secured through two strong, stretchable, and comfortable ear loops. Moreover, the face masks should be wearable in different environments involving varied activities.
  • Furthermore, they should be fit for all age groups, genders, and face sizes.

Cotton face masks with 1-2 layers, by far are the most comfortable of all. They are washable and usable for as many as 30-50 times depending on the manufacturer. Besides, they have high breathability.

Plastic and canvas masks are reusable and have high durability. Moreover, you can get multiple color prints on the plastic masks. However, these masks do not fit perfectly on the face nor do they have good breathability.

Final Words

Buying promotional face masks in bulk will not only save money but also offer many other benefits. You can help your family and friends by offering these masks when needed.

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