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Face Masks Instructions and Uses

COVID19 has ravaged the world this year. From Wuhan China, it has continuously spread like wildfire in every corner of the world. In the USA alone, there have been 55,000 confirmed casualties. A number that high should be enough to spark a sense of self-preservation amongst ourselves. What can we do about it?

In these circumstances, following the advice of health professionals is the best thing to do. In April 2020, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a guide on how to use a cloth face cover properly. They recommended you buy and use cloth face masks to mitigate the COVID19 infection and to protect ourselves in a medically certified way.

How to Wear a Cloth Face Mask?

According to the CDC, a face mask must –

  • Fit comfortably against the face especially the side areas
  • Secure itself around the ear loops (or use ties)
  • Be layered with multiple fabrics
  • Not restrict comfortable breathing
  • Be washable and dryable without getting deformed

Guidelines in Using a CDC Recommended Cotton Face Mask

To be able to use a cotton face mask to its full capacity, follow these CDC guidelines.

  • Wear a cloth face mask when entering a public area or other settings where social distancing is challenging to practice (e.g., pharmacies, grocery stores, banks)
  • Use cloth face masks to slow the spread of COVID19, and help other asymptomatic carriers unknowingly transmitting it around
  • Cloth face masks should not be used by children below two years old, anyone with respiratory issues, and by unconscious individuals
  • Wash the cotton face masks regularly according to the frequency of use
  • You can use a washing machine to clean and sterilize the face mask
  • In removing the cloth face mask, make sure not to make direct contact with the eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Wash your hands immediately after removing the cloth face mask

Using cloth face masks is critical to conserving the supply of N95 respirators and surgical face masks. These kinds of covers are for the use of those who fight COVID19 in the frontlines. Using a cloth face mask ensures our safety, for a meager price. The safety uses of the face mask mentioned above will help us use cloth face masks properly and effectively.

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