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Custom Flashlights Personalized With Your Logo

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Promotional products - Flashlights

Corporate gifting and gifting for a cause is becoming more common. Gifting on important occasions will help in spreading awareness about your cause at a larger scale at a minimum cost. Keychains with flashlight add double advantage as a gift. Everyone lives in a house and owns a car, thus the keys to these precious possessions. Keychains thus become a necessity to own. Flashlights added to these keyrings take the idea of owning a keychain a notch up.

Benefits of flashlight

  • Portable: Keychains are highly compact and when Studio D Merchandise adds a customized flashlight to these keychains they still remain portable and easy to handle. The recipient can keep them in pockets or safely in their purses. Carabiners and magnetic clips attached to these flashlights can be hooked easily to belt loops. This benefit lets you remain close to the potential customers and be visible to a larger audience.
  • Utility value: Flashlights with a keychain, screwdrivers, LED flashlights, Pet safety light, Foreman Pen work light, Emergency lights, Multi-tool flashlights, headlamp and so much more becomes a utility at home. Studio D Merchandise has over 50 kinds of flashlights which serve different purpose. All these personalized with your brand or business name can become a regular name at least at one household. With time your name will spread across a wider audience.
  • Affordable: Flashlights are very cheap when purchased in bulk from Studio D Merchandise. When you compare the advertisement effect flashlights have with the traditional advertisement methods, these are cheaper and more cost-effective. You save a huge amount when you buy them in a higher quantity.
  • Longer life: Since flashlights use LED technology they have a shelf life longer than other torches. Other torches are powered by batteries or work by charging. They are also not energy efficient. LED’s produce lesser energy and higher light compared to other kinds of torches.
  • Variety: Flashlights are available in any shape, color, design and added benefits. Flashlights can be purchased in different types available in the market. Our product range has customized flashlights for pets, foreman, workman which are trendy and absolutely useful. Mini flashlights, flashlights with bottle-opener, pen flashlights.
The benefits of flashlights are so many that your company or brand should definitely give these out as promotional items.