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Custom Pens Personalized With Your Logo

Promotional Products - Pens

Branded merchandise with your company’s logo offers many benefits over traditional marketing campaigns. Promotional items are the best way to improve your brand recognition. It can be useful and highly impactful to give out promotional gifts to both existing and expected clients. A product as small as a pen can be helpful to garner customer loyalty for a long time.  Customized products used for promotions have great power and should never be left out when outlining your marketing strategy. Even if you have just started out your business and do not have a lot of capital to start marketing efforts, using pens as a promotional gift can have a huge benefit. As part of a DIY marketing campaign get customized pens, stylus, highlighters, and gift pens to reach out to a wider audience. Studio D Merchandise is a great place for you to start this marketing effort without investing a lot. We have a wide variety of pens that can be customized from the cap, body to the color of the logo and brand name printed on it. We do everything to make sure your custom pens remain a favorite among your employees, clients and other audience.

Why you should use pens as a marketing tool?

  • Cost-effective: Pens are an inexpensive way to reach in front of a lot of people. In the life of a pen, it usually changes hands about ten times at the least. Every time a new person holds your promotional pen you can expect a potential client. When bought in bulk, promotional pens, highlighters, stylus, and gift pens are a lot cheaper compared to other products.
  • All-time advertisement: Other methods of advertisement are a gamble to get a potential client. It is not necessary that any person needing your services will have a look at your billboard, online ads, radio ads or the likes. But when you hand over a pen with details about your company, every person using the pen will contact you when in need. This is because they have read about you while writing down something important.
  • Usability: When giving out promotional items, you need to take care that the item has a use in the recipient’s life. Everyone needs a pen at least once to get through the day. So handing out a pen with the brand details positively creates awareness about your brand and services.