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Portable Charger FAQs

Q: What is mAh? It’s the number in each product name.
A: mAh or “Milliamp Hours” is a unit for measuring the amount of stored energy or capacity of a battery. The mAh rating on promotional Power Banks explains how much energy they can transfer to your phone.The higher the mAh number is for a Power Bank battery, the more electicity it holds that can be used to charge the phone.
Q: What are Volts andAmps?
A: Volts are the electrical pressure or strength of the current while Amps are the amount of electrical volume that moves through. Our promotional power banks are rated for 5 Volts. Amps are more important because they effect the speed of charging. If you can think of them as a water pipe – the size of the pipe is analogous to Amps. A pipe with smaller diameter (lower Amps) will not push through as much water (electrical current) as fast as a wider diameter pipe (higher Amps). Typically the lower the number of outputted amps, the longer it will take for a product to be re-charged.
Q: What is Standby Time?
A: Standby Time is the amount of time a power bank will hold its charge when not in use. A 2200 mAh power bank will typically have 200 hours of Standby Time.
Q: What materials are power banks made from?
A: Each product description will tell you if it’s made from sturdy ABS plastic ( like a cell phone is made from) or from pure aluminum.
Q: What is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and why is it important to have this seal?
A: UL is the premier global independent product safety company that has championed safe products for more than 120 years. UL uses research and standards to continually advance and meet  safety needs. A UL seal means your product has been tested as being held to a high manufacturing standard for safety and durability.
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