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Custom First Aid Kits Personalized With Your Logo

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Why personalized first aid kits are beneficial? Whether you want to give out first aid kits as a social cause or you want to keep them for emergency situations, a kit with your brand’s logo, slogan, and contact details will be loved by your clients and other recipients. Customized first aid kits are a good promotional giveaway that will give out a positive impression of your brand. People will associate you with an image of health and care for the customers. Not only are first-aid kit appreciated when given, but they will also initiate thought about your company every time it is used. No matter which industry you belong to, first-aid kits are essential for everyone. It is a must-have at every home and work-place. Customized kits with your brand information will increase your brand awareness and work towards your advantage. When your potential customer knows that you are working for the betterment of the society even in the smallest possible way they are likely to remember you for a longer time. Our exclusive line of kits Since every office, organization, vehicles are bound to keep a first-aid kit at disposal, a personalized first-aid kit will favor your marketing efforts. Studio D Merchandise has a wide range of customized kits that include as little as 7 to over 30 products in a kit. You can choose a basic kit with bandages, towelettes, sanitizer, antibacterial ointment or a specific kit for sun protection or for antibiotic ointment. These products are placed it a vinyl or plastic pouches. A variety of pouches are available in different colors on which your brand logo and other details can be printed in the choice of your colors. Benefits of handing out custom first aid kits
  • Affordable: All our products are affordable as giveaways. Many promotional items in the medical field can cost you a lot due to its pricing. First-aid kits, however, with basic necessities can be used as a marketing strategy without having to spend a lot.
  • Necessity: Anything given out as a promotional item should be useful to the recipient. First-aid kits are a necessity in daily life. This makes them a perfect giveaway at an event, conference, annual day, school function or a gathering.
  • Variety: Studio D Merchandise has a plethora of options for you to choose from. Depending on the need and budget, you can pick the one that suits you.