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Custom Lanyards Personalized With Your Logo

Why you need personalized lanyards?

A lanyard has many different uses. Most often companies use than to let the employees keep their ID cards in place. It is mostly a part of the uniform itself. They are also given during important events, conferences, seminars, and one-off occasions where displaying the identity is a way of enhancing security. They are also used in schools and universities for all students. It is so impressive to see how a very simple item has such a wide range of uses in different organizations. There are many benefits of having a personalized lanyard for your organization, teams, school, university, upcoming conference and much more.

Benefits of using customized lanyards

  • Cheap to buy: It is a one-time inexpensive investment for any occasion or reason. A lanyard is a small thing that people tend to keep for a long time as a memory. When you buy lanyards in bulk from Studio D Merchandise, you get them at a very competitive price that does not disturb your pocket a lot. People tend to wear them at other events as well which is a free promotion to your organization or cause.
  • Visibility: there is a valid reason why most organizations use this. The identification becomes easier when lanyards are worn around the neck at all times. You can print your company's’ name, logo and use colors that symbolize your company’s spirit. Taglines and other values can also be printed on the lanyards to make them more personal. Exclusive lanyards for star employees or for achievers can be printed to make a lasting impression. Unwanted personnel without your company’s lanyard can be easily identified.
  • Durability: Lanyards are available in different types and materials. A single lanyard can last many years without any damage. Even consistent use of the same will not cause any harm. You can pick a design that can match the kind of usage.
  • Easy to use: Every kid knows how to use a lanyard. Studio D Merchandise has a variety of lanyards with carabiner, swivel clips, alligator clips, and badge reels. All these are easy to use and do not damage the clothing. Just wear it around the neck and forget about it.
  • Designs: Irrespective of the kind of use, there is always a design that you can have. All our designs are printed exclusively as per your request. The lanyards you receive are of the highest quality and reasonable rates.