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Custom Stress Balls Personalized With Your Logo

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A promotional item that promotes peace

As per a recent survey, promotional stress balls are rated among the top 3 popular items. Stress balls can be made for any company and brand with huge marketing benefits. It takes the least amount of space and can be carried around pretty conveniently. If you have a unique stress ball it is often fun to carry around. This is why people love getting free stress balls. The creative look of a stress ball does its job exactly like a regular stress ball but is loved more. Everyone goes through stressful times at least once during their work hours. If your promotional item is at their desk then it is always in use. It means more visibility and brand awareness. A stress ball is used to reduce stress and this gift proves to benefit the recipient’s health positively. Today stress-related issues and diseases are on the rise and people spend a lot on medical care. A simple stress ball can let the recipient know that your brand cares for them and you can create a lasting impact in their lives.

How stress balls impact your life positively?

  • Relaxation during meetings: A lot of us understand the pressure of preparing for a meeting and then fret at the actual time. Sometimes meetings get tiring, boring or disinteresting. During such a time all you need is a stress ball so that you can keep your mind and hand busy. It relaxes you and creates a sense of peace.
  • Exercise: Squeeze a stress ball from time to time and strengthen your forearm, wrist muscles absolutely free of cost. Stress balls are not just for treating anxiety or stress, they can help you exercise with the least amount of effort. Also, you can do this at any time while doing any other task that doesn’t need your hands.
  • Promotional giveaways: You can get a stress ball made in any shape and color. Irrespective of your profession or business, a stress ball can be personalized with you. Studio D Merchandise has hundreds of options for you to choose from our existing products. These can be further customized into the color of your choice. They become an affordable giveaway at conference or tradeshows bringing smile to everyone’s face.
  • Playing: You can always use them to play at work or at home with kids increasing the brand exposure for a longer time.